This business is fair, they kept me informed, and they did not do unnecessary work. - Elizabeth K. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Ekart Automotive and the staff go above and beyond. The service was fantastic. - Steve E. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business stuck to the initial quote they gave me, and they were good. I picked up my vehicle about a month ago, I have been driving it ever since, and everything is fine with it. - Alex B. (5 star review on SureCritic)

They gave me advice that saved me money and also knew how best to work to save time. - Jonathon D. (4 star review on SureCritic)

This business was very prompt. They were accommodating, helpful, and flexible. They wanted to know what worked for me, not what worked for them. -August S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I was referred to this business by family in Manhattan. The business did good work, and they did a nice job when consulting with me. - David J. (5 star review on SureCritic)

They were always timely, and they communicated well. - Rick N. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I came in because my vehicle would not stay on. They were able to find out the issue within 10 minutes.I have been to the business before, and they knew I was a busy person. The business was able to fix my vehicle within 24 hours. - Sharnee H. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I am fully satisfied with this business. I have been dealing with them for 14 years and have never had a complaint. - Kristin S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The repairs were well done, and there were no problems. I have only been to this business once, my son too. - Michael W. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Ekart Automotive has the best rates in town. - Allan G. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The service was good, prompt and everything works. I am very satisfied and have already recommended others to this business. - Vickie K. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This business charged me fairly. They do great work, and I have not had any problems. - Ryan B. (5 star review on SureCritic)

We have been taking our vans to Ekarts for almost 8 years and have been very satisfied. - Dennis N. (5 star review on SureCritic)

 I am a completely satisfied customer. - Tim S. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The business did a good job. - Linda R. (5 star review on SureCritic)

I have always been satisfied with this business. - Carol C. (5 star review on SureCritic)

The business was easy to work with. When they gave me a quote, they stuck with it. They did what they said they would do. - Robert W. (5 star review on SureCritic)

Everyone was so courteous and accommodating. - Jerry H. (5 star review on SureCritic)

This is the best business on the planet. The staff and mechanic has helped me out for years. - Karl H. (5 star review on SureCritic)

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